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John Jay Alumni - Undergraduates

John Jay Alumni - Graduates (MSc)

University of Manchester

American Museum of Natural History



JOHN JAY ALUMNI - City University of New York


Afzal, Sanah, JJ/Stony Brook REU, Bsc FIre Science; 2014-16

Alhaimi, Sarah, JJ FOS 402, Spring 2019

Alley, Christopher, JJ PRISM, Fall 2023

Aviles, Mariela, JJ FOS 402, Spring 2018

Bailey, Quinita, JJ FOS 402, Spring 2018

Bartasunaite, Margarita, JJ/Stony Brook REU, BSc CMB; 2014-16

Becker, Jordan, JJ Honors, PRISM, Fall 2023

Brunning, Erica, JJ FOS 402, Fall 2017

Budhathoki, Ajaya, JJ BSc CMB, 2022

Castellanos, Casandra, JJ BSc FOS 402, Fall 2022

Choo-Ying, Leah, JJ, BSc FOS Spring 2014

Comanescu, MirceaAlex, JJ, BSc FOS, PRISM, 2010-2012

Covas, Jessica, CMB, FOS 402, Fall 2018

Cush, Dee-Anne, CMB, FOS 402, Spring 2018

Deniqua, Edmonds, JJ BSc CMB, 2021

Deprimo, Victoria, JJ BSc FOS, PRISM, Macaulay Honors; 2015-17

Diaz, Yanitzin, JJ BSc CMB, 2019

Dodson, Arabia, JJ CMB BSc, FOS 402, 2019

Duffy, Laura, JJ BSc FOS, PRISM and FOS 402; 2012-15

Farmer, Margaret, JJ BSc FOS, PRISM and FOS 402; 2018

Feliciano, Dominique, JJ CMB, FOS 402, 2018

Franco, Connie, JJ CMB, FOS 402, 2019

Gadapak, Rahele JJ BSc, CMB, Fall 2022

Geib, Samantha, JJ BSc FOS, Macaulay Honors, shadowing

Hay, Alexandra, JJ BSc CMB, Macaulay Honors

Hemmi, Subervi, JJ BSc FOS; 2015-6

Hobby, Emma, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Huertas, Tracy, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Hughes , Latasha, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Kiss, Julie, CMB, PRISM, FOS 402, 2019

Klafehn, Erica, JJ Bsc FOS, PRISM, McNair; 2014-2016

Licari, Lauren, JJ FOS 402, Fall 2017

Liquori, Ryan-Alexa, JJ FOS, FOS 402, Fall 2022

Lor , Medina, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Lora, Eliliana, JJ CMB, FOS 402, 2018

Maceda, Xitlali, JJ CMB, FOS 402, Fall 2022

Martin, Idalina, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Menes, Hilary, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Miller, Michelle, JJ BSc CMB, 2019

Montalvo-Dumeng, Joan, JJ BSc FOS, Fall 2015

Morrish, Veronica, JJ BSc CMB, 2019

Nathaniel, Tichania, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Niangado, Fatouma, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Palilionyte, Urte, JJ BSc CMB; 2015-16

Paulsingh, Roshannah, JJ BSc, FOS; 2015-17

Perez, Cynthia, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Peters, Sushmeta, JJ BSc CMB, 2022

Pineman, Steven, JJ BSc FOS, PRISM; 2010-12

Rintaro, Kato, JJ BSc FOS, 2022

Saenz, Mateo, JJ BSc CMB, 2022

Santana, Celines, Hunter College

Singh, Laura, JJ BSc FOS, PRISM; 2009-12

Slay, Dona, JJ BSc CMB, 2020

Ta, Christine, Adjunct Lecturer, 2018-19

Tejada, PakHarry, JJ CMB, FOS 402, 2019

Texeira, Carlos, JJ BSc FOS, PRISM; 2014-16

Umlas, Sora, JJ CMB, FOS 402, 2018

Viti, Madeline, JJ CMB, FOS 402, 2019

Vorobyeva, Nadezhda, JJ BSc CMB, 2022

Yalong, Francesca, JJ BSc CMB, 2022

Yamamoto, Cocoa, JJ BSc FOS, Fall 2022

Zavinsky , Kyle, JJ BSc FOS; 2010-12.

University of Manchester Alumni (2006-2008)

Graduates (Masters)


- Stephanie Atherton: Ibises in Ancient Egypt

- Andrew Briscoe: DNA extraction from ancient Beetles

- Brittany Dement: Osteological Analysis of the “Courtier” Skeleton from the Manchester Museum

- Sharen Lee: Evolutionary History of Pomegranates in Ancient Egypt

- Nur Farehan M. Asgar: Detection of Tuberculosis in Ancient Egyptian Tissues

- Oliver Smith: Detection of cavities bacteria in the Elliot Smith Sudan Skull Collection

2006 - 2007

- Juliet Davies - Thesis: Detection of Pathogens in Ancient Egyptian Tissues

- Roger Forshaw - Thesis: Dentistry in Ancient Egypt

- Christopher Garwood - Thesis: Detecting Anthrax and Malaria in Ancient Egyptian Tissues

- Dina Jaidy - Thesis: Detection of Pathogen in Ancient Egyptian Tissues

- Louise Thomas - Thesis: Finding Sickle Cell Anaemia in Ancient Tissues


- 2006: Christopher Melvin - Thesis: Detecting Tuberculosis in the Dakleh Oasis Cemetery

- 2007: James Rothwell

American Museum of Natural History (2000-2006)

- Arati Panda, NYU, 2004 - Project: PCR screening for wolbachia in scorpions and butterflies at the Ambrose Monell Cryo-Collection

Inside View students

- Eugene Plavskin (Summer 2002)

- Naema Hernandez (October - June 2002)

NSF REU students

- Joan Mercedes, Hunter College (2003)

- Miriam Delarosa, Hunter College (2003)

- Nathaniel Smilowitz (2002)

- Brian Webster (2001 and 2002)

NSF UMEB students

- Mala Subran, Hunter College (2003)

- Sneha Mathew, Hunter College (2002)

- Sunitha Abraham, Hunter College (2002)

- Farah Mathieu, St. Francis College (2001)

- Nadine Sicard, Medgar Evers College (2001)

JOHN JAY ALUMNI - City University of New York

GRADUATE STUDENTS (MSc Forensic Sciences)

Bezugly, Mariya, MSc 2017

Cano, Eldad, MSc 2023

Engling, Sven, MSc 2021

Klafehn, Erica, MSc 2021

Morgan, Ashley, MSc 2012

Pritchard, Laura, MSc 2016

Rooney, Kayla, MSc 2019

Talty, Shannon, MSc 2012

Vincenty, Jessica, MSc 2020