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Margaret Farmer

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Dee-Anne Cush

As an aspiring Forensic Pathologist, I came to John Jay College of Criminal Justice to achieve one goal: a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science. This would be the first step in my career to becoming a Medical Examiner. My desire to become a forensic doctor started in my early teen years and stemmed from too many unlawful hours of N.C.I.S., C.S.I. Miami, and my recent favorite, Castle. For me, becoming a pathologist is not just about dissecting cadavers. It is about being able to uncover the cause of death while bringing justice to civilians who have been wrongfully accused and sentencing criminals who have been exonerated. Moreover, in this field of forensics it would be absolutely impossible to harm my “patients” any further. My love for this division of pathology has placed me under the care and influence of Dr. Angelique Corthals, and together with her, I hope to be able to acquire a more extensive knowledge of pathology, all the while having fun doing something I love.

Victoria DiPrimo

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