The Corthals Lab Logos Decoded


The Corthals Lab has a principal logo, which consists of:

  1. -The pickaxe, which symbolizes forensic anthropology and all that is archaeology related

  2. -The rod of Asclepius, which symbolizes medicine and biomedical research - Asclepius is commonly referred to as ‘the father of medicine’

We then have 4 variations on the theme, depending on the research emphasis:

  1. -Option a: the head of a wild boar, representing our work in forensic anthropology

  2. -Option b: a bat (likely a Tadarida sp.), which represents our shared work on mammalian evolution with the Dávalos lab

  3. -Option c: Anubis, ancient Egyptian god of the Afterlife, mummification (and by extension god of embalmers) and guardian of the Necropolis (city of the dead), which represents our work in Egypt with the ULB team at TT 29

  4. -Option d: the neuron represents our work on neurodegenerative diseases, in particular multiple sclerosis

The moto of the Corthals lab is “Non omnis moriar”, which translates as “Not all of me shall die”.

The phrase comes from Horace, Carmina 3/30:6, and is a play on both our work in forensic and the fact that our research will survive long after we’re gone!